Liposuction/Tummy tucks and PREGNANCY

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  1. Hmmm I was wondering..

    If some1 gets Lipo/Tummy tuck, and then they get pregnant, does that get in the way with anything? Any complications?

  2. I'm just guessing..since I have no clue..but I'm assuming if you get lipo..nothing will happen....but if you get a tummy tuck and then get pregnant right away...and your tummy starts expanding right away, maybe that could tear the stitches? I have no clue..I'm curious too...Hopefully someone could answer the question!
  3. I've wondered about this too esp the tummy tuck part. I don't think for lipo it will be a problem but a tummy tuck then pregnancy I think will be a mess on your stomach because if they cut excess skin from your belly how will your belly look during/after pregnancy with all that stretching....i'm getting a scary picture...

    carnie wilson got pregnant after her gastric bypass...i wonder if she had a tummy tuck too before that...
  4. Oh man, if anyone knows the correct answer to this, please do tell!!!

    I am really curious!
  5. Before I had my tummy tuck my PS warned me that if I got pregnant, or gained a lot of weight, my skin would stretch out again. As I'm not planning to have more children I didn't really ask why but I'm guessing it's because your skin is really stretched out during tt and I doubt it will bounce back easily. I doubt it has much to do with the scar or stitches as women get back to back cesarians without complications.
  6. yeah i say wait till you're done having kids then get it done so you won't have to do it again.

    did you try googling it?
  7. This is interesting. Hope someone finds an answer!
  8. Family friend is plastic surgeon here in France.. i asked him this question after i read this thread and he said that if u do lipo for the fat in the abdominal area and then u get pregnant its not a problem as long as its only the baby weight u r gaining.. BUT if u gained alot during pregnancy then stretch mark will be ur worst enemy.
  9. hi! i'm jen and i'm new to this forum. just read this thread about liposuction and/or tummy tuck.

    some plastic surgeons usually do liposuction only if your skin elasticity is good coz its just to take out excess cellulite. most surgeons, however, do not recommend tummy tucks if you're still planning to have another pregnancy coz the tuck is done to take out excess/flabby fat and skin and pregnancy will definitely stretch out the skin again. if you had stretch marks before the tummy tuck, then they usually recommend doing the procedure after all your planned pregnancies.

    the stitches won't tear if you do have the tuck then get pregnant immediately after - but the skin can definitely sag again after the pregnancy so the tummy tuck would have been a useless procedure and expense.

    hope this helps :yes:
  10. there's no good reason to get a tummy tuck prior to pregnancy as if your skin tends to stretch and not snap back, it'll happen again after pregnancy.
    Believe me, I've been pregnant twice and had a tummy tuck after.
    I KNOW FOR SURE if I had a tummy tuck prior to pregnancy, that I'd need another after.

    Neither one will interfere or make complications if you do it first though. Unless maybe if you got pregnant right away after a TT and weren't healed much yet.
    But you don't want to do it twice or pay for it twice if you don't have too. . . surgery brings risks, 2 surgeries brings at least twice as many risks!:yes:
  11. ^ I agree with Swanky. The best option if you want lipo/TT is to wait until after you are done having kids IMO
  12. Hi everyone,

    Well.... I'm going through this right now & it is NOT fun!

    I'm 5 months pregnant & 9 months out from a full TT.
    Not planned AT ALL! I have 4 kids & I was done. I researched the surgery & saved for over a year before I had it. I went on birth control & was told by my Dr that I only needed a back up for 2 weeks. 3 weeks after starting the pills my husband & I went on a 5 night vacation & I came back pregnant. I went off the pills after a month because I thought they were causing me to be so tired & making my periods weird. I had no clue it was because I was pregnant & didn't find out until I was on my forth month & missed a period.

    I was told by my PS that he has seen it go both ways. Some women go through the entire pregnancy & it does not affect the TT & then some women need it redone. He told me that weight gain & exercise will play a major roll.

    I have been judged by everyone that knows I had a TT. :crybaby: They look at me like I'm a total idiot & most of them ask the same stupid question... "did you plan this?" I have started answering with a smart ass remark. "Yep! got in great shape, spent $24,000 on plastic surgery, then got pregnant. I think it was a PERFECT plan!" :cursing:

    So far everything looks ok. My scar is a little red & tight in the middle where most of the pressure is. The next few months will bring the damage if it is going to happen. My Dr does have a hard time finding the heart beat because of the scar tissue. I'm hoping for the best. I'm excited about the new baby but I'm sad to see my new flat tummy go.

    I would recommend to anyone that is planning a TT to take care of the chance of a surprise pregnancy ever happening before the TT. My husband is getting it taken care of in Febuary;) ( a little late) lol

    If anyone knows someone that has a surprise pregnancy after a TT. Try not give them a "look" when they tell you. They already feel bad enough;)
  13. do it after you have the kids. Your ab muscles stretch, to the point that after you have the baby, you can feel the separation in the muscles. Sounds gross but it's not, if you lay down on your back and run your fingers over your former abs, you can feel a separation down the middle near the navel. Even if you worked out like a fiend and had a six pack, it will still happen. After I had my 2nd kid I now have an umbilical hernia because of the ab separation. Thousands of sit ups wont fix it either so it just sucks. Everyone is different though, and so is every pregnancy.

    Besides, your gonna want a boob lift to go with that tuck! Believe me, I wear socks instead of a bra now (sorry for the ugly visual)
  14. sweetestin30... Thank you for sharing your story.. I'm sure its very hard now, but i'm also sure that the baby is a blessing and the timing for him to come to this world is right :yes:

    Best of luck in your pregnancy and i truly hope we hear from you throughout and after ur pregnancy :flowers:

  15. Ahhh thanks:smile:

    Yes I really believe it is a blessing & meant to be. We are very happy. Shocked...but happy. I really feel that as long as they baby is healthy anything that goes wrong with my TT can be fixed. Thanks for your support:smile: