Liposuction anyone?

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  1. I read an article earlier about how lipo ruined someone's marriage and life... I was wondering if there have been any successful surgery that you gals have gone through and would like to share?

    I feel that all my life there is an inch of fat around my stomach that won't go away. I figure either lipo or Spa slimming treatments? *do those work??? I mean they cost almost the same price but if the spa slimming works it would be better wont it - since no operation involved?
  2. I would get it for my thigh area for sure!!
  3. my mom's an anaesthetist, and she has a plastic surgeon friend who does underarm laser hair removal for me for free :biggrin:. he's in his late 40's/early 50's now, so i told my mom that one day i'll definitely go back to Malaysia just to get him to give me liposuction and a lipectomy (tummy tuck) before he dies :P
  4. Sorry, but I think that any perfectly healthy human being has NO business getting surgery for nothing more than vanity's sake.

    Go to the gym, love the body you were given and age gracefully.
  5. ^ That's your opinion, but I say if it makes you feel better, go for it! Nobody can dictate what you should do with your body, nor does anyone have that right. If I had an extra few grand lying aroubnd I'd probably go and do it now. I've got some pesky back fat that doesn't want to budge.
  6. Precisely! That's what we do around here. Give our opinions.
  7. ^^^okaaaay! LOL!

    I had to have a tummy tuck because I carried twins to term weighing in at 14lbs together plus 2 placenta{s}, sacs. . . I am 5' 2" and only gained 29 lbs pounds with them, lost all of it within 5 days of delivery - I as ALL baby!

    I waited 2 full years, I went to the gym religiously and watched what I ate and got down to 5lbs smaller than pre-pregnancy. . . exercise and diet CANNOT fix everything for everyone.
    If you need a teeny bit of lipo, go for it!

    I will say to reserach it until you can't research it anymore. Lipo is VERY easy to botch even for a good PS.

    I did my procedures for me. . . I ws tired of tugging on my shirts and refusing to go into my own swimming pool among other things. : (
    It changed my life, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
  8. As they would say on SATC "You've simply GOT to learn to form an opinion." LOL Yes we do, and you sure seem to have an extremely strong one on this subject.
  9. I admit Im vain :P
    But it makes me happy like Danica said - go for it if it makes you happy. Why try to settle for one when you know you can improve?
  10. hahah, its funny when people gets to lipsuction, one of my neighbour has done liposuction, and after the surgery, her shape was ok, but after 3 months, she was more than what she was before, and she went to ask the doctor as to the lipsuction didnt help, then the doctor replied that its only shaping and maintaining is her part, but then she said but she paid for that onyl.. i still gets laugh remembering her conversatin,
  11. i'm just curious, OP mentions Lipo ruined someone's marriage? how so?
  12. People also believe that human beings shouldn't carry designer handbags for vanity's sake when plastic bag can serve the purpose of carrying things just as well, so ? :biggrin:

    op, I have seen amazing results with lipo in a couple of close relatives, but unfortunately they both gained weight back and even more because they didn't modify their lifestyle permanently. It is only a temporary fix in the right direction, it won't work if there is no commitment.
  13. this thread is 4 yrs old. . . we have current ones already open so this is now closed.
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