Lipoma / Fatty lump/ Vet recommendations needed in San Diego'

  1. My dog is named Mimi & she's a dorgi (Dausand & Corgi mix). She's eight years old and healthy. She's really our family's dog. Everyone loves her to pieces. She lives with my parents and we consider a family member. My parent's refer to her as my younger sister. :p

    Last Sunday, my mom noticed a bump the size of a silver dollar on Mimi's chest. On Tuesday, I took her to her usual vet. The vet ran a biopsy and they said that its lipomas. Its benign fatty growth. It will get larger in size and some people operate when it reaches the size of an orange. We cannot bear to have it get any larger so we are planning on having her undergo surgery soon (within a month).

    My mom wants me to do research, get a second opinion, and make sure the pricing is right. The vet gave me pricing of about 1100 to 1200 dollars. They are going to clean her teeth too while she is under anesthesia.

    I read that lipomas are fairly common in older female dogs who are on the heavy side. Has anyone had to deal with it?

    San Diego TPF members, do you have a vet that you love and can recommend?

    Here's some pictures of Mimi. She's around 22 pounds. Her body type is soft & mushy since she's part corgi. The first one was taken during her play break. The second while she was lounging around the living room. :smile:
    blah 012.jpg blah 011.jpg
  2. Lipomas are very common and if your vet isn't concerned I would not remove unless it causes your dog discomfort or becomes extremely unsightly. One of my dogs have one and his has grown very slowly. I doubt I'll ever consider removing it. Besides the risks (and expense) of a surgery lipomas have a fairly good chance of regrowing when you remove it.

    Lil Max (my human baby age 17) actually had a lipoma when he was a toddler and we removed it as it was on the back of his head. It grew back but not to a very large size so I have left it alone.

    Edited to add......lipomas don't always grow large. Some stay smaller. My dog's lipoma is has been small ( the size of a cherry tomato ) for YEARS.
  3. We had one removed from our dog, it was near his shoulder. The vet did not charge nearly that much, and a teeth cleaning would not have made that much difference either in the price. It did not grow back, and he grew others that were much smaller we did not bother with.
  4. Did your vet take fluid from it to determine what it was? Our Pug had one about two years ago and our vet took fluid from it and said it was the same and we could remove it or not. We chose to have it removed. Then we had to ask for it to be sent to a lab (since it cost money, they don't normally offer) and it turned out to be cancerous and it had dirty edges. They had to go back in and take even more out since the edges were dirty. The second results came back clean and she's been clean ever since.

    I'm not writing this to worry anyone, just to say that the fluid test isn't always accurate and our vet who we've gone to for years said he was positive until the lab results came back.

    If you'd like to PM me, I have kept all of her records and I can tell you exactly what it cost for them to remove the lump initially along with the price for the lab to check it.
  5. I had my 40 pound never been overweight female dog's largest lipoma removed only when she had to have an eyelid wart rubbing her cornea removed. Every lump added a bit of money to the bill, she ended up having the lipoma, wart, a wart on the bump of the elbow and her teeth cleaned for about what you were quoted. Since she was 13 years old I chose not to have the lumps looked at by the specialist.

    She has multiple lipomas which pretty much cover her abdomen but the one seemed to interfere with movement. They have been slow growing and first appeared when she turned eight years old. A neighbor had a 18 year old dog covered with them, ugly lumps but otherwise a beautiful dog with a shiny smooth black coat. They bother us more than the dog.
  6. Holy crap, vets are expensive in La Jolla!

    My vet has said if the dog is anesthetized for another procedure (as with teeth cleaning), sure, remove the lipoma. But otherwise, you don't really need to unless it is so large that it affects the the dog's movement or a particular activity.

    At my vet's the procedures your vet quotes would cost me about half that price, and all my dogs are 50 -80 lbs. (Northern CA)

    Note: I am not a vet nor do I play one on TV