Lipo trouser request- C&C California pls help!

  1. Hi everyone! Im hoping i am not imposing ut I have a favour to ask;

    Follwing my lipo dress help thread (and thank you so much everyone- I have got the BEST advice for dresses there!!!) I decided i should write a thread on my dream trousers.

    I have been literally stalking these trousers! I ordered them on and even though they had it when I ordered it, the emailed me a day later saying they were out of stock. This annoyed me ofcourse. And they offered me no help in tracking them down.
    C&C California itself has NO clue and cant help me out. In London no store that stocks C&C (HN, Selfridges and Browns) stock only their tshirts. No Trousers.

    I will be having lipo on thursday (8th...aaaa!!! Im freaking!!!) and I wll have to wear a pressure garment down to mid calf and I want to be able to wear something comfy and cool for my holiday next month in beirut.

    So, can anyone see if they can find this item for me? I need it in a large, and in any colour other than pink purple and red. green preffered, grey, blue white and brown will do. I need it in a large.

    If anyones shopiing around and happens to spot c&c california stocking store and catches a glimpse of these trousers (they are called the "Seaside pant"- I will wire the money to you immediatly! If you have it reserved, when the money reaches your account you can pop it into a large envalope and send it over. I will cover all expenses! It will be sooooo appreciated!

    Thank you soooo much!:love:

    In the pic below the girl is wearing them in white.
  2. and these are the ones on Shopbop in green. This colour is fabulous! (its called battlefield)
    cand c.jpg
  3. I talked to my hookup shopping guy yesterday, he said he would look into those. If he could find them, what size do you think you would need? I want them so bad too it makes me cry. I am gonna print the pic and take it to him to remind him :smile:
  4. I have a cool boutique 5 mins away..I will pop in there tomorrow and look to see if they have them..They have 8 hopefully one of them may carry them!
  5. they're super cool....good luck in findindg them!!
  6. have you looked into the brand saint grace? they have something very similar.
  7. Megs and Jill; you guys are too sweet!

    Im thinking to go for a large. It looks comfy worn low slung, and in both those pics (which I think they look great on the girls) they look slightly too big for them. I know after the op i'll be a medium, but will still go for a large in these.

    They cost $88.00. I'm willing to pay a little over that naturally- I really want them! I will cover ALL expenses!

    They will be the perfect post-op trousers!

    pinkpalm- I have never heard of the brand, does it stock in the UK? I will google it right now! Thanks! :biggrin:
  8. Saint grace is on Shopbop, etc. Very similar and their pants hit huge las summer (J. simpson and other celebs wearing them). similar to rachel pally, but not gaucho, more like palazzo pants. Saint Grace is much better quality than C and C imo.

  9. Thanks for your suggestions!

    I'm sure saint grace is a good make as well, as I like the baggy pants jessica simpson wears.

    But there gorgeous seashide trousers...mmmm....i luurrvvee:love:
  10. HI! I went to the store today..and they didnt have them.The manager said she would look into it and let me know if she can get them though(she has other stores she can call)

  11. Thanks you soooo much! Fingers crosses.
  12. My manager said the same thing!!!! I am gonna make sure to re-bother him this week with a picture!! :rolleyes:

    ^^ Megs said that from my name!
  13. well darn it!

    Did you check all of these places?

    The Cross
    Harvey Nichols
    Selfridges London

    no one in France carries them=((((((

  14. Awww, bless! Thank you guys SOOO much! You are too sweet! Only 2 days left to lipo! I'm so scared and im PMSing so I keep crying! I'm all over the place!

    alexandrainparis- tank you so much for having a look for me, sadly no one in the UK stocks c and c trousers. I have called everyone(other than The Cross which is not in London).