Lipo thread?


Jul 17, 2016
Hi all,
I'm headed to Korea in about 2 weeks. I figured that recovering in the cold would be better for me. For now, I'm thinking of face/jowl lipo and thigh lipo.
For thighs, I've been looking through promos on Babitalk and their pictures are so dramatic (which is the change that I'm going for) but are results typically that drastic?

Has anyone had any experience with thigh lipo? If so, do you mind sharing your recovery?


Lovely peach (재미없어)
Nov 29, 2016
Cold has beneficial effects on blood circulations, especially if your swelling is bad. Hence why clinics give icepacks
Babitalk ads are not all photoshopped but you can notice when it's obviously photoshopped haha
For thighs you can achieve dramatic results, it's possible, but don't rely too much on b/a pictures, they're here to attract you. Try clenching, pinching and touching hard your thighs and see if you have more muscle or more fat.