"Lipo ruined my marriage"

  1. this is a story from cleo mag


    "Lipo ruined my marriage"

    "Every since I was a teenager, I've always hated my legs. They're totally out of proportion to the rest of my body. I guess you'd call me "pear-shaped". During my 20s, I worked out and tried to watch my diet, but nothing seemed to change my shape — which is why I decided to get liposuction.

    I met with three different doctors before I finally had the courage to go through with the procedure. The doctor I chose seemed to have a lot of experience. He explained the procedure and showed me before and after pictures of his previous patients. Dimpled, saggy butt cheeks were transformed into smooth, peachy mounds — exactly what I wanted. Whatever he said about the pain and swelling seemed a small price to pay for the end result.

    On the day of the surgery, I was nervous but more excited than anything else. My husband was excited too; he imagined I was going to end up looking like some sort of pin-up. Unfortunately, we were both totally wrong.

    I was given general anaesthetic for the surgery and went home a few hours later. I hardly remember going into the operating room and, the next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck.

    I could tell right away there was a difference in the shape of my thighs, it looked like I'd gone from a size 14 to a 10 overnight. But they looked like burnt eggplant — I was totally blue and purple. The doctor gave me a girdle to wear, which I did for several weeks. Even though it was irritating, it actually felt better to wear it.

    It wasn't until weeks later, when I was out of the girdle, that I noticed my thighs were full of bumps. I didn't look anything like the pictures I'd been shown. Not only was I covered in dimples — as big as I was, I'd never had cellulite — but the bruising wasn't getting any better.

    I've since been told that, although liposuction is relatively simple to perform, when it isn't done correctly it can leave the skin dented and uneven, and can cause excessive bruising, which is exactly what I had. My misshapen legs were the result of the surgeon being too aggressive with the suction. I couldn't live with myself looking that way, and my only option was further surgery. I was too scared to go back to the same doctor, so I had to fork out more money for a reputable surgeon. Believe me, liposuction costs might seem a small price to pay for perfect results but, when it doesn't go right, the side effects can be expensive. It cost me another $3000 for the doctor to reshape what was left, after already paying $4000 for the first operation.

    The botched job not only took its toll on my bank balance, it also ruined my relationship. I lost all my self-esteem, my sex life gradually became non-existent and a year later, my husband left me. I might be happier with the shape of my thighs now, but the experience certainly hasn't bought me true happiness. Plastic surgery isn't a quick fix; nothing's worth going through what I have, just because of body image."
  2. Wow, that just completely stopped me from thinking about having plastic surgery.

    Who knew the price of beauty was so high?
  3. :sad: Sorry to hear that

    I had "plastic surgery" my results were and are fantasic.
  4. i am afraid to go thru any kind of procedure that involves knifes, this kind of story really scares me
  5. You really need to find a surgeon that stresses on aftercare as much as the actual surgery. I had lipo to my flanks, hips and thighs earlier this year and couldn't be happier. I had about 5 litres removed, which is fairly agressive, but my results are fantastically smooth. This is partly because the doctor put me on a series of manual lymphatic drainage plus scar tissue massage from 5 days post-op. Due to the trauma under the skin, scar tissues form, which may cause unsightly bumps and dents. By massaging almost daily for 4-6 weeks post-op really helped with the swelling and recovery. But one has to be prepared to pay for these aftercare treatments as well.
  6. Wow, that sucks! :sad::Push:
  7. I can't help thinking there were more problems in their marriage then just that unless this guy was incredibly heartless and shallow. I know my Dh would not leave me over that. He would try to help me through it.
  8. Agreed.
  9. That's good to know actually. I'd maybe possibly get lipo one day in the future depending on how everything goes, but I'd research the hell out of it first. Doctors, the procedure, aftercare...everything. That's not something to mess around with. Too many horror stories.
  10. Exactly -- research and careful surgeon selection and communication. Stories like this are good remeinders to be careful. But don't forget that lots of people have very successful experiences too -- even on this board we have heard lots of happy reports!
  11. Lipo is blind surgery, and needs to be looking into more then other surgery in my book. Like this person found out, she thought the doc was good but seems he wasnt. You need to see more then 2,3,4, doc and need to ask a lot of questions. This is one surgery i'm VERY nervous about having and it would be a VERY last resort.

    Seems we spend more time checking out cars and vacation then we do surgeons.
  12. What a sad story. I'm glad that she turned out ok. I read an article about some quack in Mexico who was injecting women with everything from engine oil, bathtub edging silicone and telling them it was collagen. You can't imagine the medical problems some of these women had. No matter the procedure, research the doctor/specialist because it's your life you are trusting them with.
  13. I know someone who died of lipo...sometimes it doesn't matter who the doctor is and how much research you do...not evryone is a success story.
  14. I'm way too afraid to ever have plastic surgery. I've seen too many horror stories.
  15. i feel sorry for her.

    but if her self esteem is gone and she compelelty becomes a reclouse the man will now know what to do. it is shallow of him but it must of been pretty bad for him to leave.