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  1. Who has the best lipgloss?
  2. Chanel Glossimers are my favorite. A little pricey, though, at $22.00
  3. oooh me favorite color is blizzard
  4. MAC!!! -Lipglass
  5. I use Chanel levres Scintillantes/Glossimer in Unity. Great stuff. :smile:
  6. Def mac!
  7. I haven't used a very wide variety of brands, but I like DiorKisses.
  8. Me too. I :love: it!!
  9. I'm a self-admitted makeup whore. My fav's are Chantecaille, MAC, Chanel, CD. I'm very particular when it comes to texture, smell, and taste. MAC has the best smell and so does CD. I like how Chanel doesn't have a taste. I'll flip flop betw all of them. Just can't be devoted to just one!;)
  10. Mac Lip Gelee!
  11. Lip Fusion. They plump up your lips. And it works.
  12. I used to love MAC's lipglass, but now i find it too heavy, everything sticks to your lips! :smile:
    I'm addicted to lip balm, and never really wear lip gloss anymore because I honestly can't find a nice shade. Plus I think anything other than pink on me looks gross. So if anyone knows any good pink shades...
  13. Nars ( especially orgasm) lipgloss is amazing. Nice texture, color, and staying power.

    Stila Lip Glaze- cute packaging, nice texture, and looovely sheer/tinted colors. it can be steep for some ( $27.50..I think) but it's well worth it to me. I'm hooked on apricot.

    DuWop Lip Venom ( or reg. or flash). This is, in my opinion, the best little lip plumer. It comes in a darling little glass vial-type thing, and it stings when applied. Nice, short-term, bee-stung lips effect.

    Hard Candy has some fun ones ( especially this sparkly pink color I have)

    Some notable runners up are certain clinique glosses, and very surprisingly, the little American Girl lip glosses we sell at BBW. They go on sheer w/ light shimmer and they have yummy flavors. For only $4.50 you can get lots and keep them in the purse, car, wherever--- who cares what happens to them. lol.
  14. i used to love mac underage and prr, but they are too tacky and heavy. Lately i've been liking cover girl wet slicks in clear. they smell really good.
  15. haha I just stopped using "underage"! I agree completely.