lipgloss ?

  1. How long can lipgloss last for w/out going bad? I've heard 3 years is this true?
  2. Depending on the applicator and the brand.

    Glosses with flocked applicators that go into tube last the shortest since there will be higher chances of contamination and air-fermentation.

    Edit~ Sometimes as short as 6 mths for the above type of gloss
  3. 3 yrs?! eww..thats a bit long. I usually throw mine out after a few months. But if you haven't opened them then i guess 3 yrs is resonable...i think?
  4. I would keep an open, used gloss for one year max. Something like a powder blush or eyeshadow can last indefinitely, but not a semi-liquid gloss that you're contaminating with bacteria each time you use it :nogood:
  5. I never have them for very long.. I either finish them, or grow tired and give them away. But I've heard you shouldn't keep ANY kind of makeup for longer than 6 months.
  6. I would never keep any kind of makeup over 4 months probably. If it was lipgloss I would have used all of it anyway. :p
  7. :yes:... me too!
  8. ive heard that too...especially anything that touches your eyes or lips.
  9. I'm a lipgloss junkie so it usually doesn't last me very long. 6 months max
  10. As it's hard to tell when exactly glosses start going bad, try this simple experiment. Buy a tube or small pot of colorless clear gloss in a colorless packaging and use it once a day. The moment it turns murky and/or has foreign particles that's the time you should throw it away. I don't think it will last 4 months.
  11. I don't keep mine very long either. If I haven't used it all in 3-4 months, then I probably don't like it all that much, so I give/throw it away!
  12. I did a spring cleaning of my MU about 10 mins ago. For glosses I'd say their lifespan is around 3 consecutive months starting from first use. I would test my glosses by smearing some on the back of my hand, leave for 10 seconds and check for the presence any small clumping bits, as it signifies that your gloss is no longer clean. They could be dead skin cells or breaking down of the gloss. Next I'd wipe it away with a clean tissue and wait for a couple of minutes before washing hands. If area starts to itch, swell and/or redden, this means it's time to toss the gloss. Usually the skin on back of hand is more sensitive to lips. If there's a reaction there, imagine the contaminants you could have ingested if they were on your lips! :yucky: