Lipgloss! Stila vs Philosophy vs MAC vs Benefit...

  1. Hi guys!
    I've been wanting to buy a good lipgloss for over a while, but I can't choose between Stila (Lip Glaze), Philosophy (the Supernatural or Big Mouth), MAC (Lipglass) and Benefit (Her Glossiness)! It's kind of a problem because I have to order them online, only MAC is available in the Netherlands. I am looking for one nude lipgloss and one soft pink one. Have you guys tried these glosses before? Which one, or two, can you recommend?
    Thank you!
  2. ^ The only one out of those that I use is Stila Lip Glaze. It has an applicator that pushes the product through a brush, which a lot of people don't like and it's VERY sticky. It lasts a long time though, because of the stickiness. And Stila is known for their great lip colors-- they flatter almost any skintone! :tup:

    MAC is always a safe bet too... Everyone loves MAC!
  3. I love Benefit, but the glosses aren't that great. Stila or Mac!
  4. Viva glam V lipgloss by MAC is flattering on alot of different skintones.
  5. I like Stila and MAC although they are sticky.
  6. I've tried Stila lip glaze and Benefit lipglosses before. Both I felt were a bit too sticky for my liking (although Stila does have some fabulous colors!). If you don't mind paying a few dollars more, Dior, Chanel Glossimer, and Armani all have great lip glosses that are not sticky and stay put.

    Chanel Glossimer in rose sand is a great pink gloss. This compliments my skin tone (fair skin).

    Armani lip shimmer in #1 is a pale/nude lip gloss. I often pair this with a nude lipstick as well. But it's great to wear on its own.

    Hope this helps! ;)
  7. I don't know how available this might be in your country, but I love Shiseido's gloss number G27 for pink. It's a dusty rose with subtle goldish shimmer, one of my personal faves!
  8. stila is my favorite and i do like MAC as well.
  9. best lipgloss available in the states is chanel imo... i do get suckered into buying a lot of mac cuz of the limited edition colors. stila is way too sticky.
  10. yea the stila is really sticky... and I don't like the applicator brush- it got messy

    I really like my Mac lipglass and Chanel Glossimer (got recommended for it on this board!)... the chanel glossimer is like the mac, but it lasts longer