liparazzi lipgloss

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  1. OMG!!! i recieved my liparazzi lipgloss today and all i can say is OH MY GOD!!! its AMAZING!!! you press a button and IT LIGHTS UP!!!! IM SOOOOOOOOO AMAZED

    just HAD to share! and you HAVE to get one!! brilliance
  2. what brand is this!!! pray tell!
  3. its liparazzi! its just SOOOO amazing!
    ill try and find a pic of it on the net or failing that ill just take one and upload it
  4. DSC00393.JPG
  5. Looks interesting! I'll take a look at it next time I'm at Bath & Body Works!
  6. Sephora France also sells Liparazzi, but not how is the gloss itself besides the light effect? like texture, smell, color
  7. lol im sorry i cant tell you yet i havent used it im too amazed by the light! ill go into my bathroom in the dark tonight and test it all out haha
  8. yes, pls let us know once you test it out!!! the packaging looks really cute, wondering how the product turns out =)
  9. hey i used it the other night and its really nice. The colour i got goes on almost clear but has a slight tint to it which is nice. Its thick but not runny, just a nice texture and easy to apply! and putting it on in the dark is the most fun i had all day lol
  10. does the light shines all the time??? even in the dark?!
  11. theres a button ontop of the lid that you press to turn the light on and off just like a mim torch on a lipgloss lid
  12. yay im excited now...i need to get only prob with a lot of lipglosses is that they are waay to thick and my hair always gets stuck to my lips...this isint super sticky is it?
  13. no its not super sticky like a juicy tube its more like a dior addict
  14. wow it looks amazing I need to get it!