lip tints anyone?

  1. I was reading allure while recooping this week when I read that lip tints were more alluring then glosses. I've never used color, but it seems like something great for fall. anyone use tints? whats your favorite?
  2. I use the ones by Hard Candy and Urban Decay. They stay on for hours. You can put gloss over them if you want.
  3. I use Urban Decay and Vincent Longo...they're great and very low maintenance. Put gloss on and you're out the door. Stays on for hours.
  4. I didn't love the "Just Bitten" ones by Revlon-a little too Crayola.
  5. Vincent Longo tints are great and come in a variety of natural looking colors. I use tints almost everyday and the little bottles last for a long time. After using a tint I will usually put on a little gloss to help retain moisture on my lips.

  6. ^^ I use these as well! Great choice!
  7. I tried on Benetint (by Benefit) yesterday, and was pleased at the results. You can put on a little for a very subtle effect, or layer it on for a deeper stain. It's for the cheeks too -- a very soft and rosy glow!
  8. One of the blogs wrote about one yesterday. I can't remember which one. But it sounded like it would work really well.
  9. I love the benetint too!!
  10. I think the Benetint is a nice product, but the rose scent was too much for me. I ended up throwing it away.
  11. I use Benetint as well.