Lip scrub

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    The Formula
    Literally, my beautiful kitchen became my laboratory. After weeks of mixing and experimenting, I came up with a formula that I simply could not get enough of, and the lip scrub™ was born.

    My lips had never been pinker or smoother; my gloss never looked better. It became a staple in my makeup bag, and I was using it every single day. Really, truly- every day. That’s when I knew I was on to something.
  2. did you make this? Sounds yummy!! :smile:
  3. Oh no , just something i came a cross on the net
  4. somehow, with all the products i own, this seems a little unneccessary.
  5. Too funny...what next?
  6. I use a lip exfoliator from CO Bigelow. It comes in a little tube like their lip balms. My lips get flaky when the air is dry. The exfoliator works wonderfully to remove any dead skin, then I follow it up with the balm.
  7. I use the one from Mary Kay and LOVE it! It makes your lips feel so soft which makes it look better when you put on lipstick, gloss, etc...

    They also make awesome scrubs for hands too! :smile:
  8. Heavensent - thank you so much for posting!! I live in cold, frozen upstate NY, and this is definetly what my poor abused lips need... so they can be refreshed for spring. I am running out after work to search for some! Thanks again!
  9. Oh save your money, just use honey and sugar. Just like hand scrub: body/hand cream with a spoonful of sugar, rinse, you will be amazed how your hands become.
  10. I just use my regular exfoilator on my is skin.

  11. Oh, man, it sounds so yummy and good! :sad:

    I use burt's bees, it's cheap and works! i really want to try this now!!
  12. Ditto. I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub on my face and lips, works like a charm!
  13. I use my wet toothbrush and gently brush over my lips. Works like a charm. Interesting that there's a product specifically for that though.
  14. Bath and Body Works also sells a great lip scrub, but they call it Lip Buffer. Comes in a small tube, I love it.
  15. that product sounds yummy!!!!