lip problems? help! annoying

  1. Hey

    i have this very annoying problem with my lips....

    there is this super thin layer of skin that keeps peeling off....i try to put lip sticks on but it doesn't help at all...after my lips are perfect for 1-2 days and the thin layer comes back, and it actually peels off again an so on!!

    how can i fix it?
  2. You should use some sort of lip balm like Kiehl's or Rosebud Salve (those work best for me).
  3. Hi! I sometimes get the same thing! It drives me crazy! I got the Lipscription set from benefit and it's helped! It has two little tin tubes, one with a lip buffer--a cream with beads in it, and a lip balm--which is nice but, a little too much for the day time (it's silky but can feel really thick on the lip). I use that about 2 or 3 times a week and it's stopped happening.

    Other than that I use LOADS of lip balms (I have 1 from Kiehl's that I love and the "Kiss Me" from Philosophy is tasty too!). If you don't want to spring for the Lipscription but you DO have an exfoliator for the face--try that instead (rub gently on the lip and then remove with a tissue).
  4. just take a damp washcloth and gently exfoliate your lips, then moisturize. I have been doing this for years. Some lip balms will actually dry your lips out. so be sure to have a good one with conditioners in it.
  5. I usually wear alot of lip balm before I goto sleep then in the morning, I'll use a toothbrush and gently scrub off the dead skin on my lips. Hope that helps!
  6. Yeah best thing is to keep a really good lipgloss on them almost all the time and to scrub them.

    My daughter actually gets this sometimes..her doctor said it's cause she breathes out of her mouth alot? *shrug* I like burts bees lipgloss..very refreshing and it seems to help her quite a bit.
  7. thanks everyone...
    currently what i do is i just scrub it off with a washcloth when it's back...

    but i'm male so i can't use all of that lip stuff...i need to use the regular non shiny/brillant things :smile:
  8. Mr Puff swears by cocoa butter in the winter. Not sure you can get it in stores though, people bring it from Central America, it is just little squares of it, not processed, sort of like the texture of soft paraffin. It is not shiny a bit.

    For exfoliation, lips and everywhere else, I like just plain refined white sugar! Mr Puff prefers a loofah.

    LOL I never imagined I would be telling the world so much about our hygiene habits!
  9. Have you tried Carmex? I love the stuff! Also try gently brushing your tips with a toothbrush to exfoliate all they excess skin
  10. try aquafor before going to bed at night.
  11. As the girls have said expholiate! that's our best bet :smile:
  12. I think this is normal - isn't it just your lip skin renewing itself? :shrugs:

    I think it's when it stops renewing you have to worry! :lol:

    I agree with what everyone has said - exfoliate (if I'm in a hurry and am not cleansing my whole face at the time, I often just lick my lips and rub gently with a facial tissue! :shame: ) and apply a good quality, non-shiny lip balm. :yes:
  13. I have 3 words for you...... Burts Bees Wax