Lip Plumper??

  1. Anyone know if lip plumpers work well?? I'm wanting to try some out for lusher fuller lips, but I'm not quite sure yet....

    I heard some plumpers put some peppers in it to irritate the lip in order to get the fuller look.

    Anyone's opinions on plumpers?? Good brands?? Your thoughts??
  2. Whether they work or not is a very controversial topic, because it involves a question of faith.

    What does work is to take one of those fat lip pencils in a pale, pale highlight-quality color, pink is the most popular, but if you would rather use white or yellow or even blue doesn't matter because they are all so close to white.

    Anyway, with that pencil, draw a big bold line just above the vermillion border of your upper lip, like you were doing lipliner, but outside, just follow your lipline from corner to corner. Almond and darker, blend it a bit, pale people don't bother.

    If you want to plump both lips, do the same thing just outside the border of your bottom lip.

    Then apply your lip gloss, which should be a shade as close to the color of your lips as possible, then take a very pale almost white shimmery gloss and put just a little bit right in the middle of your lower lip, blend carefully, you don't want like a dot with sharp edges, but you don't want it all over your lip either.

    Then put an even teensier dot right in the middle, the "bow," right underneath where they dip down. The middle. Blend it even more carefully than you did on your bottom lip.

    Now take a step back and look in the mirror.

    Oh, look! Your lips have plumped!
  3. I like the Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips. It works for me!
  4. I agree with heart-be buxum works great!
  5. I hate the pepper-infused ones-they are pretty irritating. If you already have a little fullness, I think they can enhance it a little...I like LipFusion and Sexy Motherpucker (Target).

  6. wow, id have t try that one day.. when i have a free hour.. hehee. :] cant wait for lucious liiiiips!!!!!!
  7. I tried the Lip Venom and it sure does make your lip sting but I just felt like the sting sensation made me feel like it was actually working but no. Plus it's really shiny and glossy which added to the effect. I heard lip fusion is a good brand, but 40 bucks for a tube, I need some samples first.
  8. i heard from a makeup artist that peachy tones on ur lip can make the appearance of fuller lips. anyone find that true??
  9. From a medical perspective I would say your only saving grace would be to get injections. The topical stuff is a waste of money. I think that micro/nano spheres are a great concept, and I'm for anything with hyaluronic acid is great, as it is a building block for collagen. So its worth a try, if youre going to buy the glosses and topical products, to find things with hyaluronic acid like that silver brand in Sephora LipFusion XL if you're uninterested in getting injected.
  10. I have LipFusionXL and I love it.
  11. lipfusion doesnt do **** to my lips....just makes em tingle
  12. i've also tried lip venom and it doesn't work. It definitely tingles, but no real difference. It also smells like capsicum powder which made me feel ill!
  13. Same! And I love their LipFusion glosses.
    I get mine on eBay, half of retail, BTW...

  14. good to know!!:tup:
  15. I use Lip Venom and Lipfusion and really like them both.