Lip Plumper Suggestions?

  1. Hey ladies!!

    I have always used "Pout" lip plumping gloss but they just recently discontinued it in Canada so I need to find a new product!!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good quality lip plumping gloss?

  2. Have you used DuWop lip venoms?

    I've also tried Lip Fusion in the tinted versions and like those, even though they are expensive.
  3. Do lip plumpers actually work? I've heard mixed things about them..
    I was at the MAC store yesterday looking for lip gloss and the SA told me to try some of their lip plumper. It did absolutely nothing :shrugs:
  4. ^ they just irritate my lips, making them look red and swollen, and the "effect" only lasts a few minutes (not to mention that it looks like I'm having an allergic reaction and it's not a flattering look)

    but I guess they work differently for everyone... :p
  5. Just bumping this for suggestions.
  6. My lips like Fushion Beauty lip plump. I find that they are less irritating then the Venon
  7. In my frank honest opinion I think spending the extra money on so-called "lip plumper gloss" is ignorant! It may work for the lucky few but even so it is a short temporary solution. I have yet to find a product that works even remotely well for me or everyone I know. Lip liners do me far more good than plumpers ever have.
  8. It doesn't really work in the end. It's just a temporary ... swollen stage of your lips from the lipgloss, lol!
  9. Pout is one of the few that's non-irritating IMO-- that's what I always liked about it. DuWop Lip Venom really irritates my lips and makes them very red. I don't like it. Lip Infusion is non-irritiating, doesn't work for me but my sister LOVES it. It makes her look like she's had collagen implants! Too Faced Lip Injection is slightly irritating, but it really works on me :shrugs:
  10. Kimm - i used to use pout too until they discontinued it here! They still are selling some on eBay from time to time so you could always look there.

    I also like Shoppers Drug Mart brand Quo lip fit. It's not pout, but it's still pretty gentle, feels great,and has a nice flavour.
  11. Oh man, I used to use lip plumpers back in 2004. I'm wayyy less high maintenance now. They worked for me at first but over time, I couldn't feel it anymore. I used Lip Venom ($17?) and this tiny two sided lip plumper from Sugar ($6)
  12. I wouldn't ever recommend lip plumper to anyone... we're going for a full look, not a 'I just had a bee sting my lips and I am reacting really badly to it' look.

    My mum's getting on in her age, but she has amazing lipstick skills. Try lining your lips with a shade slightly lighter than your lipcolour, make the line a little thicker than usual, and draw it slightly outside the outline of your lips. Then put on your lipstick, and with a brush blend the lipstick and lip liner colours together, blend so that it looks like it kind of gradually gets lighter as you go out of the lips. Slick a bit of gloss on, concentrating on the middle of the bottom lip. My mum does this, and it really does make her lips look fuller.

    If you're going for matte lipstick, try dabbing a tiny bit of shimmer powder in the middle of the bottom lip and blending very well.
  13. I've tried Du Wop lip venom and it didn't do much. Perhaps a slight redness for the first 10 minutes then nothing! It didn't even tingle for me. Plus, i found it tasted terrible, like salsa (I assume that's all the capsicum enzyme they use in it) and I felt as though i'd scoffed a whole bowl of nachos every time I wore it. Eeeeew!
  14. BOXUM by Bare Essentials. i love it, the colors are classic, and people have actually complimented me on my lips (NEVER happened to me before....). i highly recommend it!
  15. I really like LipFusion. I have tried Lip Venom and it stinged my lips and I don't think it made them any fuller. One time a friend of mine wanted to borrow a clear gloss and grabbed it and I heard her screaming in my bathroom. She was like "my lips are burning!! what the hell is that!!!" It was quite funny.