Lip liner? Lip primer? Both? Help!


May 3, 2009
I recently splurged on a high end lipstick for a special occasion: ( Givenchy le rouge a Porter)- Love the color but it is a bit sheer and doesn't seem to have much lasting power.

I'm a little confused on the steps needed to prime my lips for a longer finish..... I've read I should use various products like lip balm, a primer ( just bought the Two Faced), and a similar colored lip pencil to color in the entire lips. Which product(s) should I use and in what order prior to my final lipstick application?

Thanks from novice lip product user.


Aug 9, 2013
Lip balm previous day might keep lips smoothen prior but same time can cause sheerness.

Apply lip pencil but blot out the balm ,it can help .

Using lip scrub previous day can help .
Less oils on lips equals better color .Also many lipsticks are sheer now a days .
Good luck.
Apr 15, 2007
You want to make sure your lips are blotted well from the lip balm before you use
your lip pencil. You don't want any oil to remain on your lips.

Are you using a lip plumper? If so, you have to wait until that dries on your lips.

Try outlining your lips with your lip pencil, fill in your lips with the lip pencil &
then apply your lipstick. If the color is on the sheer side, unfortunately you will
not get long wear.

Hope this helps & works for you.