Lip Injections...

  1. Okay, has anyone done it? Don't be shy...

    Restylane, Cosmoplast, Collagen?

    I am getting Cosmoplast tomorrow, the DH is away and I like to try new things while he is gone not judging my cosmetic exploits. :P

    Those lip-plumpers in a bottle do not work for me; I have very sensitive skin and every one I have tried just burns my skin. :hrmm:

    So, I would love to hear needle stories if you all have any....:biggrin:
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  2. lol I don't! I'll just stick with lip-plumping glosses. My girlfriend did get collagen injected in her lips and they look great. Definitely make sure you go to a good doctor!
  3. LOL I like how you do it while he's away! He'll come back to a new woman! :smile:
    I'm sorry i can't help you here, I've never done it, but I probably would, let us know how it goes!
  4. LOL - I go to my plastic surgeon.
  5. Loganz, you're so pretty, I've seen your picture! You don't need to do anything to your lips!
  6. You are so sweet. :shame:

    We only live once, I have always wanted to try it, that is what is great about today's options, we can try things and if it is not for us in 4-6 months we are back to the way we were.

    I think little touch-ups here and there help preserve and enhance our beauty...of course if I come home looking like a parrot I will post a picture and we can all have a good laugh. :lol:
  7. Ehhhh... I agree actually! If it makes you happy, why not!
  8. I haven't but as long as it's not done w/ a heavy hand I don't see the harm in trying! You KNOW we'll need some photos though, right!?
  9. before AND after photos please :nuts:.......if only i weren't so afraid of needles....
  10. will do before and after photos - you can't post a thread like this and not be willing to show the results. :Push:
  11. I can't wait to see, I'm sure it'll be fah-bu-lohs !
  12. My sister did it (hope she doesn't mind me saying). It looked nice and natural the first 2 times she did it. Just don't do it more than twice is my advice!
  13. Go girl.

    My Q-Med (= Restylane) stocks went up five per cent today :biggrin:
  14. How much does it cost? I think if you want to enhance your own beauty, then more power to you! My esthetician gets it done and I just love the way her lips look! They don't look fake but very lucscious! I have this thing with lips...don't ask me, I'm weird :biggrin: ! But I just love the way full lips look. I might consider it too later on.
  15. Cosmoplast is $350 (or so) a syringe - and I think you need 1 syringe for top and 1 for bottom.

    I will give more details tomorrow after I get back from the Dr. Cosmoplast is a human collagen whereas restylane (around $500 a syringe) is hyalauric acid.

    My PS's receptionist said cosmo is more popular for lip-plumping; so, I scheduled to give it a go.

    Oh, and I went to inamed's website for info there too.