Lip Injection?

Feb 28, 2016
Hi everyone =) I have been wanted to get lip injection but dont know if it's worth the money. Can you all please share your experiences and opinions. How long did it last you and what specific product was used. Thanks! =)


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Feb 26, 2017
I've been doing Vobella injections for a couple years. I'm super happy with my lips now. They look plump and full without looking done. The procedure lasts about 6 months and takes 20 minutes or so. The first doctor I went to in Beverly Hills overfilled my lips and I looked like a puffer fish ( not the look I was going for) I did lots of research after this and found Dr. Azar in Thousand Oaks from his instagram account. Its a little bit of a drive for me but he's done a really good job of giving me a natural look. My advise is do your research and less it more in the beginning you can always add more volume in the future. If you do it gradually too people won't know exactly what you've had done, they'll just notice you're looking hotter. ;)
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