Lip gloss

  1. Hey, girls, now that summer is around the corner, I was interested in getting some lip gloss. Any good ones you recommend? I've tried one from Lancome once before and it was too sticky. Then I tried another sample one I got from M.A.C. and I didn't like it. After an hour it totally ran outside my lipline. I'd like maybe one clear gloss and two slightly tinted ones...I hear Victoria's Secret has some nice ones. Any suggestions
  2. I just got one of those C.O. Bigelow lip shines from Bath & Body Works, and I really like it. I got the orange soda one, it's nice. And it tastes good!
  3. Shiseido's. I just got one in a very subtle pink, shimmery shade. I also like the ones from Rimmel; they're not sticky at all! Of course with that comes a lot of re-applying. Good luck!
  4. If you want clear ones, nothing beats Chanel glossimers. For tinted ones I have two tubes of Guerlain Kisskiss Lacque. I did an experiment. I purposely applied the Guerlain product before I went to bed. The next morning, the color faded somewhat but the lipgloss was still there. I guess it's safe to say that the Guerlain product can last 5 hours as the SA claims.
  5. ^ITA, Chanel has great lip gloss.