Lip Gloss with No SPF = Cancer??

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  1. On ABC today I heard a story saying that a dermatologist thinks (key word thinks) that lip gloss without SPF in it attracts UV rays and increases a risk for skin cancer? Does anyone buy this? Know if there's any merit to it?

    If so, or if not, does anyone use any really good lip glosses with SPF?!
  2. Blasphemy!!! LOL
  3. Revlon Superlustrous has SPF in it. Why would you want to go in the sun without an spf on your lips anyway? I would save the lip gloss for indoors or evening. There are plenty in the drugstore that do have spf, though.
  4. If you go out with spf on your skin, it only makes sense to go out with spf on your lips as well. you can get cancer on the lips too. Protect those lips!
  5. I think lip gloss might be able to attract sun rays, yes. It might be similar to the way you are prone to getting sun burned in a swimming pool more than your are out of the swimming pool, because the light reflects through the water. If you have a lip gloss you like that doesn't have SPF, you could always apply a layer of lip balm underneath that has SPF, and then apply your lip gloss on top of it. I have no idea if the bottom layer will rub off or not, but it's worth a try.
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    I suppose it could be dangerous. Probably compares to putting oil on your body to tan. I'd imagine your lips would "bake" if you weren't careful. If I'm in the sun I'll wear a balm with SPF but for regular days I'm not as cautious. :s
  7. I always put Blistex 15spf on my lips before lipgloss.
  8. Good post!! :tup:
  9. I put chap stick with SPF on before my lipgloss :smile:
  10. i do that too :tup:
  11. I have this by MAC and use it under my lipstick every day.
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    The color is called Strobe rays. Its a sheer color, so it doesn't interfer with your lipsitck color.
  12. i use burts bees lip balm with spf 15 before my gloss. it helps the gloss to lay on nicer too
  13. I heard the same thing on the radio a few months ago.I always use a chapstick or lip conditioner with spf.
  14. i heard this too.
    i have been putting my SPF moisturizer on my lips and also a lip balm w/ SPF.
  15. Y'know what's weird, I just checked my Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm and it DOESN'T have spf!! I guess I just assumed that all of Burt's lip balms had it. I'd better look closer from now on! Thanks Willyg for sharing and making us all aware of this! :tup: