Lip gloss that's not sticky?

  1. I love Dior's lip gloss but I am looking for some that doesn't get all messy when I rub my lips together. Any suggestions? :confused1:
  2. YSL is really good
  3. MAC's Lipglass is good.
  4. I really like Chanel's glossimers ... I can't remember which season these particular ones came out, but they are called "Barely Fig, Barely Cherry" etc. Not sticky at all.
  5. I like the ones by Trish McEvoy and also 100% pure has some that are all vitamin E and fruit extracts. They will so good on your lips!
  6. CHANEL cristalle 'ice' is my favorite
  7. My current fav. is Chanel's "glitter"
  8. Chanel is less sticky than MAC, you might wanna try Giorgio Armani Glosses
  9. ITA about Trish l/g... nonsticky with decent lasting power. :smile:
  10. I love Mac Lustreglass in Star Nova, it's my fave everyday lipgloss! It isnt sticky and the tube lasts ages!
  11. I find the with Mac glosses that the gloss with Lipglass on it they are very tackey and not nice on the lips. But which ones I do like are the Lustreglass and the lil tubes creme brillance. well worth the buy
  12. I like Chantecaille
  13. Thanks! I'm going shopping tomorrow!
  14. My all time fav is lip balm from Avon. I love the strawberry! They are only like 0.79 and you can have one for everywhere; home, work, makeup bag. It is glssy enough without feeling heavy. Also it works as a moisturizer also. Not to mention the yummy smells and flavors.
  15. I love Aveda, Laura Mercier, and LipFushion lip glosses. I do find, however, the stickier the lip gloss, the longer it stays. I have the Dior lip glosses but it wears off easily. MAC's lipglass is really sticky and gooey but it'll stay on even after you eat (if you're not a messy eater that is).