Lip gloss that has full color like lipstick

  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a lip gloss that has full color like a lipstick. I love how shiny lip gloss is but, I find alot of them not to have as much color as lipstick. Thanks in advance!
  2. Chanel has one out that is pigmented like lipstick but it brushes on and has a gloss texture and lipfeel.
  3. I've found that Christian Dior Plastic Shine lipgloss has a very opaque coverage, like lipstick.
  4. Most of MAC's tinted lipglasses have a very full coverage as well, I prefer their lustreshine due to them being a bit more sheer but some of their regular lipglasses have fab color for me!
  5. Loreal HIP lip glosses. They are really pigmented and an opaque, ultra shiny look like patent leather!
  6. The one I'm wearing right now (Juicy Tubes strawberry glass) is very shiny but has a lot of color as well, its just like lipstick with additional shine :smile:
  7. ^^ I agree, MAC lipglosses can be really pigmented and shiny.