Lip Gloss or Lipstick?

  1. I've noticed, over the last two or three years, that cosmetic companies and beauty editors seem to be trying to re-introduce the lipstick, as the lip make-up of choice; as opposed to the lip gloss.

    Frankly, I think they'll have to prise my Melon Lancome Juicy Tubes out of my cold, dead fingers! :yes: But it made me wonder, which do you prefer?
  2. lip gloss =D
  3. Both. I cant do just one. Lipstick is sexy and lipgloss is flirty. So I where both to look extra glam.
  4. lipgloss b/c i'm lazy. you don't really have to work at making it look good.

    Chloe, have you tried Miracle from that same line? :love: melon
  5. i prefer lipbalm b/c it is windy here and gloss sticks to my hair. i hate that!
  6. lip gloss -- it's more convenient :smile:
  7. lip gloss, lipstick doesnt look good on me unfortunately. =(

  8. No, I haven't, rubygirl! I've just looked at it on the Boots website and it's really hard to tell what colour everything is! :huh:

    Melon looks orange, whereas, IRL, it's more of a slightly beigey pink, like a natural lip colour.

    Miracle looks really pink on the website; is it that colour IRL, do you think?

    Also, does it taste good?! :lol: I love the way melon tastes,:love: because it's not too sickly sweet.

    Finally, does it have glitter? Because I prefer the ones that don't!

    Sorry about all the questions!!! :shame:

    Fussy? Moi?! :graucho:
  9. lip balm for me, too. Super easy, goes with everything!:lol:

  10. I think that is definitely the major drawback of lip gloss! :yes:
  11. gloss
  12. chloe, miracle is not too pink on me. i think it might depend on your skin tone. it does give a glitter shine. No Reserve doesn't have as much glitter as Miracle and it smells good.

  13. Thanks for the info, rubygirl! :biggrin:

    I'm quite fair, but not alabaster; with a bit of an Irish-looking complexion, with pink-red lips and rosy cheeks. So Miracle sounds like it might be OK.

    Boots don't seem to stock No Reserve, so maybe we don't have that colour in the UK? :sad:
  14. Lipgloss for me!:kiss:
  15. I prefer lipgloss but my boyfriend hates kissing me with it on =) too sticky!