Lip Gloss is Here!

  1. I'm uploading pix now! :yahoo:
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. Oh that is so pretty! What shade is it? :tup:
  4. Model it! LOL
  5. Pretty!

    What are the colors like!
  6. [​IMG]

  7. oohhh signature lip gloss too cute! :p
  8. Naked Lips.....


    Glossed Lips.... I got the heather color....


    Actual Me!

  9. Oh! Pretty!!! What shade is that? Is that the Heather?
  10. Aww..pretty! Love that color! Beautiful smile, btw! Thanks for sharing!
  11. That is so cool... It look really pretty on you. hmmm there is darker version of it right...
  12. I absolutely love that color... it looks great on you! TY so much for all these pics :tup:
  13. Very pretty... the lip gloss color looks gorgeous on you. It compliments your complexion very nicely. Great choice of lip gloss color.

    I typically use the Juicy Tube lip glosses by Lancome. I'll have to give the Coach lip gloss a try. I'm especially leaning towards the hibiscus color.
  14. How does it feel? Is it very sticky or smoothe? haha...listen to me, I'm even picky w/ my lipglosses!
  15. thank you for sharing. i want that!!lol