Lip Fusion

  1. OK I love my Lip fusion lipgloss. :love:
    The company has come out with a product that treats wrinkles. You put it one and the skin around it plumps up "erasing" the wrinkle.
    I tried some at Sephora and it actually seems to work.
    Does anyone out there use this ? Does it last the whole day?
    If you use this, let me know what you think.
    I want to know if anyone except the Sephora people think it is worth the money. :suspiciou
  2. Shyloo, sorry to side track your thread but does the lip fusion lipgloss actually work?

  3. I don't think any lip enhancer or whatever you call it really works but I may be wrong. My friend is a make-up artist and she has tried evrything without luck.
  4. I have Lip Fusion and it does actually work, a little. For me it's not crazy noticeable, but it does work.
    I haven't tried any of the other products though and I don't use mine that often.
  5. I have lipfusion. The results are very temporary and minimal, at best.
  6. it does work quite temporarily, and less in plumping your lips to Jolie-like proportions and more in just smoothing out the little wrinkles people naturally have on their lips so they look a litlte fuller----still, fun to use and seems to work better for some people than others....overall the only lip plumper that gave me even minimal results and didn't cause painful burning sensations :blink:
  7. Exactly what I was about to say:shame: ;)
  8. I have had great results with the lip fusion. Especially with the upper lip area.
    I guess it is temporary, but you have to re apply lipgloss anyway. Its worth the extra bucks for a lip product, to me.
    I just want to know if the wrinkle stuff is the same. I tried a bit at the store, and the lines at the side of my mouth went away, but I wonder how often you have to use it to maintain results?
  9. I use the lip gloss and it works for me (OK, maybe just a little, but every little bit helps right?). I'm going to Paris in a few weeks so will be buying some of the tinted gloss. I'm going to have to buy the wrinkle stuff too.
  10. Isn't lip fusion around $50? That's a bit much for a lip plumper. There are so many other ones out there.
  11. It's about 35 in the Sephora in NYC.
  12. Lip fusion does work a little. I like the colours.
    I think "lip injection" by too faced works really well. Makes the lips really red though.
  13. Yeah, it is 50 bucks Cdn. But you spend half that on a high end lipstick or gloss. The cheaper lip plumpers irritated my lips.
    The face stuff is $180 out this way, probably 130 in the US(?). If it works all day (which I don't know yet) I will put up the cash.
  14. I have never tried the lip fusion however I do use, on a regular basis, the lip plumper by freeze 24/7. I love that stuff...and it stays on for a really long time.
  15. Do they have colours? Is it at Sephora?
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