Lip cellphone Lanyard...

  1. Anyone have this? I saw it in the Coach website & I love it! However, there is no description of the size of the lanyard. Anyone have a picture of it on your handbag or cellphone or know the dimension?? Also, do you think it's worth the money? :yes: Thanks a lot!
  2. I personally think it is really cute and worth the money. I have the lip charm, but not the cell phone lanyard. I'm sorry I am not sure about the size or anything.
  3. it's pretty small... at most it's a third of the size of the larger sized lips charm.
  4. I have it, let me dig up the picture for you.

    Here it is:

  5. I just saw it today, it is pretty small, like the usual cell charm size. very cute.
  6. that is soo adorable, too bad I can't put a lanyard on my phone!!

    I have the LG Fusic and there's nowhere to put one.........unless I am totally missing it.
  7. Thanks for the pic, Krispin41! It's too cute! I want to get it & use it as a zipper pull!

    impasto: Thanks for telling me the size. I already bought the lip charm so I can compare :yes: , but I find that the lip charm is too big..even to hang it as a bag charm