Lip brushes?

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  1. So, I don't normally use a lip brush, but I understand that beauty pros really prefer them.

    I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice on getting started with using one? What's your favorite brush? What are your application tips? How do you keep it clean? Etc.
  2. I like a retractable one so I can carry it in my makeup bag and the brush part is protected. The one I have now is Sephora brand. I've had it for at least a couple of years. I used to always line my lips with a pencil first then fill in with lipstick. Lately I find I get a bit more natural look applying the lipstick first and then lightly lining the upper lip to prevent feathering.
  3. I use the Chikuhodo lip brush. It's a little pricey but I have mine for several
    years now.

    I also my lips, fill in with a lip pencil & then apply my lipstick with a lip brush
    especially when I use a red shade
  4. So, when I don't use a lip brush, I line using a clear lip liner. If I use a lip brush, should I use a colored liner?
  5. I don't think you have to. I'm sure either one would be fine but you could try a colored liner for a change.
  6. I also use the retractable Sephora collection brush for applying certain lipstick shades. I love how since it's retractable, it's small enough to take just about anywhere. So useful for quick touch-ups!
  7. Do y'all feel like there is an advantage to using a lip brush over just applying it straight from the lipstick?

    I'm waiting on a lip brush to arrive in the mail, but in the meantime I've been trying to use a concealer brush to apply lipstick and I can't quite get the hang of it. The edges look uneven.
  8. I think you get a more precision application, esp if you're using a dark color or a thicker matte formula. With a more sheer lipstick I think it makes less of a difference. Also if you have a lipstick (esp a very expensive one) that's almost used up, there's a lot of product you can get when it gets past the point of putting on directly from the tube.

  9. I feel like there's a couple of advantages. One is that some lipsticks appear a different colour when applied with a brush vs directly from a tube. I recently bought a lipstick by Bite Beauty which has received so many negative reviews because of it's actual colour vs the one shown online. When I use a brush to apply it, the shade is true to the colour shown online. The second benefit is you get a more precise application. My cupid's bow is quite prominent so it's useful for me in order to get the perfect shape especially when I don't use a lipliner and also for touch-ups throughout the day. Lastly, I'm able to use the entire tube so if I forget to restock on a colour or can't find it at any local stores, I'm not completely out of luck.
  10. Bite is the brand I was trying to apply. I'll wait for the lip brush to arrive and try again.
  11. A real lip brush instead of my concealer brush made all the difference. Thanks everyone!
  12. i am using the lip brush from sephora, not sure what's the exact name, but it's retractable, quite small in size and i really love it.i can't stop using it now whenever i am applying my helps with the precision and the color blend so well on my lips.and the price is reasonable too!
  13. I have that one too but I realized a couple weeks back that its no longer on the Canadian website
  14. Oh no.You 're right. I've checked on sephora online (malaysia) and it's no longer there as well.
  15. Mac 318 retractable lip brush