Lip balm expiration...

  1. I just found a lip balm i totally forgat i had. It's sugar by fresh and probably about 3-4 months old. I tend to buy numerous lip balms, chapsticks and such and than dont get to use all of them. Anyone know how long do they stay good for ? Thank you !
  2. :yes: depends actually, it can last up to a year since it's waxed based but would tend to expire easily since it is used in the mouth area. A common rule of thumb for makeup: if it starts to smell funny then it;'s time to throw it away. HTH
  3. Cool, thanks !!!
  4. ^^Yep. Some last even a bit longer than that!:yes: Depends on how your store it, how many times you've used it, etc. If it smells, tastes, or looks bad or irritates your skin:yucky: it's definitely time to toss.