Lious Vuitton Teen

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  1. How about Speedy 25 or Neverfull PM?
    Both of them are cute :tender: and would still look good years from now.
  2. As others have said, Speedy 25, Neverfull PM? They are good bags, and very durable from what I have heard! :yes:
  3. i would say a damier azur speedy 25 or a neverfull pm.
  4. I say a mono or damier speedy....I had the mono bucket when I was 14 or 15....i am not a huge fan of pochettes...they are only good for - maybe - going out....which a 15 year old shouldn't do anyways...a speedy will stand the test of time....
  5. First of all, that is one lucky girl who I hope is deserving of such nice things that most adults have to save for...

    How about getting something fun and young - but also something that will grow with that person for years to come? This is a long-term a Kate Clutch in White MC, or any MC Speedy, Batignolles MG is really nice and youthful, but can be worn forever.
  6. I would say a Speedy's the perfect size and i'm sure it's a bag that she will use for a longggg time!!! It's such a great classic:tup:!
  7. I think a Damier Speedy would be a great choice.
  8. speedy or pochette.
  9. Why not the Neverfull PM or MM? And some cute accessories like a Bandeau or charm?
  10. I think you should get something in multicolor!