Lious Vuitton Teen

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  1. i was planing on getting a bag but i don't know which type would be right for a 15 year old and wouldn't be too old and too mature just right for a 15 year old. thanks
  2. A pochette would be nice, or a wapity? Alternatively any of the Bosphore's would be nice for someone young? I feel they sport a more casual and young feel.
  3. How about a damier speedy or the cute tivoli pm? Both would be a suitable bag for your age!;)
  4. I would go with a pochette in any line, mono speedy 25, or maybe an eva.
  5. Damier Azur Speedy!!! Hillary Duff rocks the 30, and it will look gorgeous even 10 years from now.
  6. a bag from either the denim or mini lin lines? either line is perfect for that age.
  7. i think the pochette looks "young"
  8. any of the pochette accessories or a wapity...maybe white mc! if you go for a speedy i'd say the azur 25
  9. I suggest..
    The Damier Speedy 25 in Azur (I am 13 and I own this one. Love it!)

    Tivoli PM

    Popincourt Haut
  10. Damier Ebene Speedy or Pochette!

  11. I agree. The bosphore would be perfect!
  12. I am 40 and carry a bosphore--yay I am young.

    I think the pouchette is cute if you carry alot a neverfull.
  13. Tivoli PM.
  14. Perhaps Speedy 25 or 30, or a pochette of any canvas.
  15. I think for a 15 yr old a pochette would be nice.Maybe a speedy 25.