LIonlaw Purple Mahala

  1. When is this beauty arriving?? I'm dying to see pictures:wlae::yahoo::woohoo:
  2. There was a delay in shipping for some reason, but J Choo said it should be here by the end of this week. Yay!! Will post pics as soon as it gets here from UK. Never ordered directly from J Choo before but the stores around here are all sold out of this color so I guess it is worth the wait.
  3. I will keep my fingers crossed!!

    I cant wait!!:yahoo:
  4. From what I understand that color was never available here in the US...except at Net-a-Porter.:confused1:
  5. You know thats is what I thought too. I called a boutique in CA and they told me none of the USA boutiques carry that bag in that color. Only NAP and JCweb
  6. No clue-- I am fairly new to Choo and that is what the SAs at both Jimmy Choo and Saks in Short Hills told me, but maybe they are wrong and it never came in. Half the time I find the SAs have no clue what they are doing which is surprising to me. I took in my Kasia trying to find a replacement chain and neither knew what I was talking about. Maybe I just gor crappy Sas that day. Who knows.

    I am just so excited that it shipped and it on its way!!:yahoo:
  7. Thats so funny!

    I too went to Neiman about a week or two ago and saw the bag true (which i did not knew the name, until one of the tpf members told mewhat it was) and she attatched the bag wrong. Sheeze... dont they know how to display a bag?

    I'm so happy Purple Mahala is on her way to YOU!!!

    Please post modeling pictures!!
  8. Some of them don't even know the names of the bags. You should try going in asking for a specific chloe bag. Chloe was my big passion before Choo and you ask for a paddington and they bring out bays. Absolutely no clue what the different bags names are. By the fourth wrong bag, I just gave up. I really thought they would be better trained and know their stock, but at least the ones I have dealt with really have no clue.