Lion Keyfob

  1. Is Mr. Lion ever going to be online or in stores? I only see the toucan in stores along with some other ones. When is it going to be available aside from calling Jax?
  2. In the Coach catalogue, it says that Mr. Lion will be available in Aug 07....hope that helps!!! I did order mine from JAX though...I LOVE him!!! He's REALLY adorable!
  3. I already have my lion and the frog. You can order it in the boutiqe if you have the number.
  4. I don't have mine *yet* but I have ordered it through the boutique
  5. Mr. Lion and Squishy Frog are both adorable. Mr. Lion found a home on my Chocolate Carly and Mr. Squishy is currently on my keyring.
  6. what are the item #s of mr.lion and froggy? thanks.
  7. Can we see pix please? Item #'s would be great, would love to order the lion.
  8. here is the official coach picture of it: