Lion has finally arrived , i know you all have seen him but he needs some love :)

  1. :smile: even tho i know by now you all have seen Mr. Lion (who i will be naming Courage! as my ex was a LEO and i know never ever to date a leo again (not you leo ladies! u are different ;) ) But Leo men Whew we are meant to stay far far away from eachother!)

    And it took a lot of courage to get through and out of that horrible damaging relationship and this guy is my symbol for that!!!!

    so come show Mr. Courage some love! ;) i love his pink little nosey! hes so cute!


  2. ok, now i think i need the lion after hearing what he stands for to you. my last relationship was the same way. hmmmm....i may be lookng into getting him.
  3. He's super cute! What a great symbol!! :tup::tup:
  4. I want him too b/c of wha you just said! Can you give me the info on number and price? Thanks so much!!!
  5. aw coachmama and mommyville! :smile: he can be our power and courage symbol for getting through and out of horrible relationships!!!! :smile: here is the info

    Style # for Lion Keyfob is
    #92117. $38.

    thanks purse O nality!
  6. Awww I love that! A lion for courage! :smile:

    Goodness knows I will be needing a lot of that!

    I start medical school end of July and am super nervous!
  7. He is just the cutest thing. :heart:

  8. wowo med school how scary and yet soo awsome! :smile: you will do great!
  9. Thank you!!!!!!! I cant wait to order mine!!!!!!
  10. Cute little Lion! Enjoy :smile:
  11. How cute... good symbolism too. :tup:
  12. the more I see this thing, the more i like it! i just might have to get one... (i am a leo)

  13. Aw, he's cute, bessie! And I love his name! That's perfect!
  14. wow i need that! my wonderful SO is a leo and loves lions!!!
  15. squishy cutie! can't you just imagine giving him skritchies behind his big kitty ears! that is such a cute keyfob!