Linsey Lohens & Jessica Albas Chanel Bag

  1. I just saw in the reference libary two chanel bags that I adore. One is the one Jessica Alba has - [​IMG] But I'd love to have in black!!! Is it available? Does anyone know? And does anyone know what the Bag is called ? And how much it is maybe? And from what season??:confused1::confused1::angel:

    And the second bag is stunning - Does anyone which bag that is???? love to get some help here!:wlae:[​IMG]
  2. Both belong to the soft chain ligne. You should try doing a search, there're a few threads on them already
  3. ^ :yes:
  4. i love too jessica alba's bag... does ayone know the price and where to find them?
  5. Thanks ladies!
    Both bags are amazing? U guys know if they are still produced/available @ the stores?
  6. Me too!!!:love:

    It helps that it is in my fav colour plus she is soooo pretty!:heart:

  7. i looove jessica alba's, its so pretty !
  8. Lindsay's bag is still "out there"--it's called the Soft & Chain hobo in the large size. It's $2350. I would try giving the Nordstrom in Topanga, California a call. I bought mine in mid-December. They may still have one or two left--doesn't hurt to ask. Good luck!
  9. beautiful bags