linsay Lohan attending AA meetings!!!!

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  1. MSN.COM has a report of Ms Hohan attending AA meetings! I really don't care for her antics:yucky: eventhough I do think she has talent. At least she's attemping to sober up
  2. sorrry for my ignorance but what do they mean with AA meeting?
  3. Alcoholics Anon. - I concur with her publicist. I hope the media doesn't find a way to mess this up. I know everyone calls her Hohan, etc. but I think there is a HUGE difference between Lilo and Paris. This kid has worked herself since she was a young child, her father is a crackhead and her mom was abused. She has had NO guidance other than how to make a buck for people. I wish we could all cut her some slack so she can attempt to salvage what I think is a good career. She does have talent - Paris is just an heir to money and she seems to get off in the "ho" dept. JMO
  4. alcoholics anonymous it's a 12 step program for people dealing with alcohol issues.........
  5. good for her...I hope it works out.
  6. okay, you do have a point on that I guess I was a little harsh on the "hohan" comment. :idea: Yeah I also agree that she really dosen't have any I guess I can cut her some slack. And you're absolutely correct on Paris at least everyone's spent one night there:Push:
  7. She needs a lot of help!! She has been wacko a while lately!!
  8. Keodi - I actually didn't see that you called her that. I was referring to Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton calling her that. No problem with you whatsoever. Unfortunately that is how she comes off.
  9. Her mother and publicist have confirmed that she's attending meetings and it's "progressing slowly"--I take that to mean some slips along the way which isn't unusual. I know she's followed everywhere and has almost no privacy, so recovery is hard for celebs, maybe moreso than the average person. But it bothers me that her mom doesn't even respect the "anonymous" part of AA.
  10. it's cool:idea: she does come off like that and the press calles her that but I had no idea it started with brandon davis and Paris hilton:wtf: and hey still hang out? well, I guess at that age they're fickle:lol:
  11. Wouldn't one actually have to stop drinking and partying for AA to work? Her party schedule has not stopped despite being in AA. It doesn't work if you attend a meeting and then go to Hyde the same day.

    I think it's a PR stunt so that directors will think she's serious about acting.
  12. Exactly, jillybean. I doubt she wants to change very badly when the rest of her lifestyle is the same trainwreck as ever. For AA to work, a person needs to be humble and be willing to go to any lengths. This doesn't appear to be a serious attempt to get help.
  13. :rolleyes:
  14. she was saying on some talk show that drinking and partying is "what 20 year olds do" hmmm....she is 20 right? how is she legally drinking in these nightclubs?
  15. Its the 1st step of many to follow in order to solve all her issues