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  1. Hi everyone !! Is there any Links fans out there ? I have a sweetie bracelet with thumb print heart, cross and ring charms, sugar cane ring, big thumb print heart necklace and russian doll charm. Hubby has just got me a white ceramic "celcius" watch which is gorgeous:heart:. Will try to post some piccies soon. What Links items do you have or love ? Please post pics.
  2. Can't wait to see your pics! I love seeing pics of their charms.

    This is my bracelet so far:

    I think most of the fun is actually getting the charms though as I don't tend to wear it a great deal. I might get the little handbag charm next, I just wish they'd bring out some new ones.
  3. Hi !! Your bracelet is lovely! (love the flip flop)Yes I also wish they would bring out some new charms soon. I like the new friendship bracelets.
  4. Congatulations on the watch, it is beautiful....I love the serenity collection, so unique....
  5. Oooh I've been debating getting a charm bracelet for a few months now. Yours is adorable JoeyJo!
  6. I have loads of Links stuff, I love it, I have:

    Gold and diamond bumble bee necklace
    Gold thread necklace with 5 gold sweetie rings on it
    Gold and pearl sweetie bracelet
    Gold nugget earrings
    Gold and pearl hoop earrings
    Gold sweetie hoop earrings
    Gold 'can can'charm bracelet (I almost sold it and am sooo glad I didn't)

    I love Links as I think they're pieces are really different
  7. I have a few Links pieces;

    Sweetie Bracelet (1 charm, bell)
    Charm bracelet (6 charms, pig, hippo, rat, four leaf clover, vespa, shell)
    Marina Chain
    Union Ring small gold
    Union Ring silver
    Sugar Cane Cuff

    And they are coming out with some new items very soon, they will be Las Vegas themed because there's a new Las Vegas store ! :yes: There will also be some Smiley Face charms (kind of weird looking IMHO).
  8. Oooo that sounds so cool! Thanks for letting us know! I'm dying to go to Vegas so a little Vegas charm would be very cute.
  9. I went to the Windsor store to get some links put back onto the Celcius watch (will post pics when I get it back). Spotted some really lovely valentines day items not yet on the website. A red friendship bracelet with heart shaped clasp and some items a bit like the Lovestruck range with PINK SAPPHIRES !!!! Dropped some heavy hints with hubby but think after the watch I'm slightly pushing my luck (boo hoo):sad:. Do you see lots of sweetie bracelets in America ? Would love to see some pics of your collections.
  10. I bought my 3 daughters charm bracelets when they where born...My nine yr olds one is full....!I love the spy glass ring...but im saving for a chanel camelia ring !!!Must stay focused...
  11. Oh yes the Camelia ring is lovely. Which one do you like (I like the white one)?
  12. If i lived in a hot climate id go for the white but i dont so black it is....:smile:
  13. very cute!
  14. They've added the new charms that Ayla mentioned to their website, they're really cute, but I'm not that keen on the face ones though.


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