Links of London - What are your thoughts?

  1. What is your opinion on this line? Here are some pieces ......







  2. [​IMG]
  3. so cute and fun! i esp like the first necklace and the last necklace ^^
  4. A few of the pieces have too much going on. I wonder if they would be noisy and bothersome to wear...would be a great Saturday going to kids birthday party-look, though. :jammin:

    Overall, I like Links but the very 'female consumer' icons put me off a bit. I don't want to be defined by rings/handbags (gulp), etc. But I know it's a trend.

    I don't have any of their pieces so I can't comment on the quality, but it looks good.

    Thanks for posting these great pics, though, in this thread and others I look forward to your posts! :love:
  5. this is super cute:

  6. I love, love the paint brush/palette charm!
  7. I love the last necklace =)
  8. :nuts: I need this!!!:love:
  9. i love this :love: :heart: :girlsigh: :tender:
  10. i have just been given a Links of London 'candy' bracelet it's really pretty,and the detail and workmanship is very good quality
  11. Kat...I like many of their pieces. Nice posting. Thank you.
  12. If I'm honest...

    Not too keen, personally. I find their stuff a bit too cutesy, mass produced looking and predictable.

    Sort of, designer-inspired, with the interesting bits removed!

  13. I like some of their pieces, especially that heart/arrow bracelet pictured.

    One day I would love to have a charm bracelet with lots of charms that are meaningful to me, and I love how many charms Links of London offer, some are really beautiful too. The only thing that puts me off is how tiny the charms are up close, personally I like a little bit more chunkiness to a charm bracelet.
  14. they're great... the charm bracelets at least.. i don't think there's another brand with as much variety with the cahrms as links london... :yes: But although i have one silver one.. and altogether with the charms it cost my mom $600CAD, i think they're pretty over priced for what they are... :confused1: they ARE gorgeous tho.. if i wasn't so articular on charm bracelets and if this didn't fit me so perfectly.. i really wouldn't go for links london just as a random jewellery buy.