Links of London Sweetie vs. Sweetie XS / Sizing?


Nov 14, 2012
Florida, USA
Hello, everyone!​

I've been asked by my ex's parents what they might buy for me as a combination Mother's Day/Birthday gift (from both of them and my son, as the ex doesn't acknowledge me on holidays). Time to come up with a gift!

Lately, I've had my heart set on a Links of London Sweetie or Sweetie XS, but I don't know a lot about LOL and I have some questions.

First: Opinions on the original Sweetie bracelet versus the Sweetie XS? I have rather small wrists (just shy of 6") and I am not certain which LOL bracelet would better suit me. I've seen photos of the original sweetie, and I've seen photos of the Sweetie XS, but very rarely do I find photos of someone wearing them, and I have yet to find a photo of the two being worn together for comparison! I do plan to put charms on the bracelet, and in photos the charms look better with the original Sweetie (in my opinion) but I worry that an original would be too "flashy" for me. I normally wear petite jewelry.

Second: Sizing. I normally don't buy bracelets in stores and, if I do, I have to take them to have them shortened because my wrists are too small. I often shop for bracelets in the children's section. My mother purchased a child's ID bracelet for me for Christmas (6.5" in length) and it hangs a bit on my wrist. The DoDo bead bracelet was perfect at 6.3", as it hung only a little when worn. I wear a 6.7" Pandora bracelet...with all of the beads.
So... Which size should I get? I'm told that the small is 5.9" and meant for a child, and that the medium is 6.2" and meant for small adults. Should I order the medium? Or take a chance with the small?

Finally, the LOL website states that bracelets should be re-strung annually, while I've read here that most do it every 2/3 years. If there isn't a LOL boutique near you (as is my case) how do you have your bracelet re-strung? And what is the fee for a new elastic?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who answers! Also, I'd love to see photos of your Sweetie and Sweetie XS bracelets!


Jewellery and Cruising Addict!
Apr 13, 2013
Hi! Personally, I think that you should go for the Sweetie, since you plan on wearing charms on it. I also think you should get the medium size, as it's always better to have a slightly larger bracelet, than too small. Finally, if you can't go to a Links boutique, you can get your bracelet restrung at any jeweller that restrings pearls. At the Links boutique, they restrung my bracelet for free.