Links of London Charm Bracelet

  1. I bought this yesterday when I was supposed to be shopping for a present for my Dad - couldn't resist! (Don't worry I got him something nice too :p ). I can't wait to add more charms, especially the cute 'L' plate one for when I hopefully pass my driving test.

    Yesterday I bought the stingray charm and the Empire State building, the pics are a little blurry as I haven't figured out how to focus up close yet! I can't wait to get them soldered on. Anyone else started a charm bracelet?


  2. I bought this one from Saks but sent it back. Its very cute but I didn't like how it had a thin plastic string connecting them that looked like it would break with the slightest pull.
  3. Oh, lovely! I've never heard of this brand before, but it looks nice!
  4. Links have many fun pieces. I also like that you don't see them all over the U.S.

    You did well starting a charm bracelet. They never go out of style.
  5. I don't have one but yours is so cute!

  6. I love the sweetie bracelet- keep thinking about getting one! My friend has one and apparently they are v strong!
  7. Hi, Where can you get the links soldered on?