Links London

  1. girls!
    I've just recently got a charm bracelet from links london... :love: i've been in love with it for AGES. ANYways... i've found out that(obviously) going for a swim in the POOL with it is not such a good idea... the chrlorine in the water made the silver tarnish really really quickly :amazed:.. i only went swimming twice and i had to bring my bracelet in for polishing...
    what i want to know is... is it ok just to leave the bracelet at the poolside? coz one of my (cheaper) silver rings got tarnished just from the chrlorine in the air :rant:. also.. how about salt water? can i swim with it in the sea?
    :flowers: girls!
  2. I never take my silver in the pool or the beach...I would think the beach would be ok though.

    Just want to tell you...I got tons of bleach on my bangle bracletes (by accident) and I was so upset...but it eventually faded out and you cannot tell at all that they were damaged. I never went to have them polished etc. and they went back to normal.

    If it is the bracelet I am thinking it is so adorable. Congrats!
  3. I love my links of london bracelet too, its the silver and gold sweetie one and has 2 charms too lol. Anyway I never wear my jewellery in the pool or sea etc unless its earrings but I don't wear silver earrings b/c if I put anything but gold in my ears and they go gross.:smile:
  4. as long as it's real silver here's how to clean it:

    a) Line your cup/bown with a sheet of Aluminium foil. Place the item to be cleaned, say the crown jewels, on top of the Al foil sheet. Contact is a MUST.
    b) Boil enough water to cover the items to be cleaned.
    c) add a few teaspoons of baking soda to the cup/bowl. (a tea spoon under the jewelry/ and a tea spoon on top)
    d) add the boiling water to the cup/bowl
    e) Sit back and watch the tarnish disappear, leaving all the silver behind where your hard-earned money says it should be.
    f) wrap dry with a cloth.
  5. By the way baking soda & bicarbonate of soda are the same thing
  6. oo... and another thing:
    don't put in anything that can't take the heat. glass or amber or anything like that.