links for 50% off manolos at BG

  1. it's not as cheap as the 60~70% deals on NM, but it's not a bad deal, so i'll post them.

    although...i swear i saw the satin sandals on NM before for a lower price(in the hugely discounted $100~200 range) so if anyone has the link for it they can check on it.

    otherwise, happy shopping!

    satin sandals 6.5 and 10;jsessionid=WIV0S5ZBQILZKCQAAKNRPWA?itemId=prod17810012&parentId=cat261602&masterId=cat210816&index=4&cmCat=

    embroidered slide 8, 8.5 and 10
  2. Thanks for the post!
  3. Thanks for posting zxcv. The black ones are really pretty, too bad they're not my size.
  4. Saks had some Manolos on sale 30% in store and the rumor is that the day after christmas everything that was 30% off will be an ADDITIONAL 50%

    I bought a few things and my SA is going to price adjust them the day after christmas