Linkin Park - Projekt Revolution Tour

  1. feeback anyone? I would like to buy tickets for the west palm beach concert next month but I'm scared to death because I think my husband won't like it. We are in our mid 30's. He is most likely a conservative men but I'm a rock freak! Is the concert worth it? -tickets are sold on eBay for $200-$250 (2 tickets-excellent location). What kind of crowd should I expect to see? TIA!
  2. I remember that one song.. something about being numb. I listened to it very often when it first came out.
  3. I will be the concert of your lives! Go for it...have a blast!! I think the crowd will surprise you! We went and saw Justin Timberlake and I was expecting a ton of little girls, and that was so not the case!
  4. I have not seen them in concert yet but if they ever come down to Aus. I will def. go see them. I have their "Live in Texas" concert on DVD and they sound awesome, so I think you should definitely go to the concert :yes:
  5. I've been to their concert for their last album. I had a blast!