Link to the drilldown PLEASE??????

  1. Can someone please send me the link to the drilldown? How does it work?

  2. Look in the Coach FAQ's in the sticky thread section. It is listed in there.
  3. Every time I click on any of these links even the one from the Coach FAQ's page all that comes up is a bag in the conner.

    It wont take me to the site!!
    Can someone help?
  4. Sweetie, that's IT....when you click on the link and you see a picture of a purse come up, go to the Address bar and highlight those 4 numbers (i.e. 6094) and in their place, type in the style number YOU want to look up.
    See if the bag you are looking for comes up. Not ALL styles come up, but most SHOULD (outlet bags don't come up sometimes).
  5. Thanks purse-o-nality!!!:heart:
    sometimes I need a little of this! :noggin:
  6. No prob. :supacool: Happy to help.