link to pictures of Louis Vuitton ads since 2000

  1. Can Uma get any more GORGEOUS?!:amazed::love: Thank you for the link!!!
  2. Wow, thanks for sharing!
  3. Nice! Thanks!
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. Thanks mas2388!:biggrin: :flowers:
  6. Thank you for posting - they are gorgeous!
  7. ooohhhh! thanks for the link :biggrin:
  8. Thanks! I love the ads..I tear the current ones out of magazines and buy some older ones when I can find them. I'm trying to decide whether to frame some and hang them up or put them in an album...I'm kind of leaning towards the album because I have 2 gorgeous posters, one of the LV Cup boat when it was here in San Diego about 10 years ago and another of an LV Concourse car.