Link to MyPoupette in an auction? Need advice, please:)

  1. So, I posted this problem in another thread, but maybe it's better starting another one.
    Yeasterday I tried to sell one of my bags, a LV I bought from Interesthing Shop (former ebat seller, now seller in MyPoupette website) and that had been authenticated by MyPoupette months ago.

    I also wrote the link to MyPoupette and tPF, if anyone wanted to get an authentication.
    Then the auction has been removed...I wonder WHY? Could it be because of the links? Is it a violation of eBay's rules? :confused1:
    Thank you in advance for your advice :smile:
  2. yeah, you're not allowed to put outside links into an auction
  3. :nuts: Thank you!! I found the real problem, so!
    Well, I'm a bit afraid anyways, because I have to relist the item and I do not know if they could pull it out simply because it's Vuitton.....
    Then I would be suspended!
    I'll see... thank you meanwhile!
  4. instead of posting the links you could just mention to people to visit the purse forum and mypoupette
  5. :yes: I will, thank you!