link to LV 'Japan' web site

  1. which of the languages on the LV website is the Japanese link....

    Will the site show us stuff we can not get here in the US?

    I am obsessed and am not sure which of the language/characters will bring me there. . .thanks
  2. 日本語

    marked like this^^
  3. wow. john, is that site real? there was a cerise speedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. thank you, thank you.
    Need to feed my obession!

  5. Even if it is real, how in the world would you be albe to buy anything on there unless you could translate it!?! :nuts:
  6. Japan loves their LV, there are so many mini sites like this selling AUTHENTIC louis vuitton bags.

    I LOVE IT!
  7. So the LV is authentic?

  8. ohhh, so these sites are like real LV, but on the re-sell market, and this is common in Japan.
    How do they get away with using logo and all that.

    Anyway, the lv's .com site in Japanese was fun to navigate.
  9. i am sure it is!! :yes:
  10. No fake in Japan.
  11. Japanese purchases makes up more than a third of LV sales (I think it was about 40%?), there woulden't be much room for fakes.. =P