Linings question

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  1. I noticed that my Rame Veneta has a silky plush dark gray suede lining, but the Roma which I sent back, had a light yellowish suede lining, kinda rough to the touch as compared to my Veneta lining. I must say that the lining was kind of a turn off for me, as I thought that all BV suede linings will be so soft and silky as my veneta... Is there a reason why suede linings differ?
  2. My 2007 BV have the lighter coarser lining. My late 2008 & 09s have the darker taupe softer lining. Guess they changed the lining they were using.
  3. My 2007 nero veneta also has the coarser suede lining. It's almost as if it got wet and was dried in the sun. I was/am dissappointed as well.

    Would you consider replacing the lining? I'm thinking about it.... :thinking:
  4. Because of ink stains I had BV replace the suede lining in a tote. They sent it to NYC and it cost me $199 (a year ago). It took 10-12 weeks.
  5. I LIKE the darker colored suedes, didn't know they were different feeling...
  6. The lining is pig suede and it varies. There are 2 types, one is thinner and the other is of garment grade lining, which is thicker to the feel. I believe they use the garment grade. I'm currently working on a project with different types of leather, hence the discovery.
  7. If there was a competition, my montaigne would win the coarsest lining awarded.
    It is a light brown lining that feels like sandpaper.
    Ok, I exaggerated a bit but it doesn't feel soft at all.
    I am so disappointed with that too.:cry:
    I thought the quality lining of montaigne would be better but
    the lining of my bag is worse than some other low cost bags - :crybaby:

    beansbeans, mine feels exactly how you described it.