Lining ~ Your favourite (and least favourite)

  1. I was looking at the lining of some items a few days ago, and stopped to admire the beautiful mustard-yellow Blue Demin Baggy and the flowery lining of a Denim Patchwork Bag.

    Alcantara/Microfibre (Mustard Yellow, Brown of Monogram Laser & Multicolore line in particular) is my definite favourite :okay:

    My least favourite, is any bag which has a monogrammed lined interior, in particular, the Suhali line's Micro Monogram textile lining, which IMO doesn't echo the line's refined appearance and materials at all :shrugs:

    What linings work (and don't work) for you?
  2. I don't own it, but I love the alcantara lining, especially in red, but makes me nervous with bleeding through.

    I do have the Damier speedy 25 with a red canvas lining and that is really pretty!
  3. alcantara lining is nice
  4. yep, gotta agree, the alcantara...especially in red!:girlsigh:
  5. another lover of alcantara...nice and soft.
  6. ^I agree!
  7. i love alcantara like the rest of you
    but i agree i was disappointed with suhalis interior and i also think that the DG could have a more "tight" interior
  8. I'm not really crazy about the red linings, either....
    I like textiles that can take abuse, and the ones in the MC lines seem a tad too for the traditional brown canvas twill lining, does anyone else ever notice that they tend to really fade away quickly over time????
  9. I'm loving the cabby's interior - the mustard-yellow/gold alcantera lining. I also think the denim patchwork speedy has a cute interior - love the little flowers!
  10. Fan of the Alcantara lining, myself. Love the red ones especially....oh and the "smell" of them:roflmfao:.
  11. I love the alacantara lining, my favorite is the purple in yellow epi. Very nice!

    I hate the cheesy linings that get flaky and sticky like the bucket and Trocadero pocket linings. They are lousy fabrics and don't last, find new ones!
  12. Love the red Alcantara lining of Damier, but my new favourite is the Neverfull striped lining also included in the T&B Mini Pochette! :love:

  13. I like the alcantra lining too in any color! I LOVE the deep color of the lining in the bordeaux mirage speedy!

    I personally have had issues with the red lining in my damier speedy 30. It bleeds onto other items. I carried my azur cles inside, not thinking, and it turned pink! I wish they had used either the normal textile lining, or the alcantra!
  14. i prefer textile lining as i feel it's easier to take care of. however i'll feel sad if when i'm getting a more expensive bag it's textile lining lol.
  15. hmm this is hard, but I think my fav it's the Tobago line lining it changes from one color to another and i love the LV chains...and suhali linings are nice too...

    here's my Tobago shoe bag lining...