Lining up for the I'm Not a Plastic Bag?

  1. Is anyone lining up today for the release? My stepdaughter is on line right now at the Anya store on Robertson in LA.

    She got there at 5:30 am Cali time (her poor hubby drove her there with a couple of chairs to sit in!), and she and hubby are numbers 7 & 8. She said the line has gotten bigger just since she has been there.
  2. Does she have a camera phone? It would be so cool to post pictures of the line here!
  3. She is going to take pictures-but, she can't send them from her camera phone-I will post them later. I just spoke to her and she said there are about 40 to 50 on line now at 8 am.
  4. Wow. I'm surprised people lined up here just as much as they did in the UK!
  5. i was considering running down to whole foods this morning, but the weather is kind of dismal here in nyc. i think i'm over the i'm not a plastic bag overall. i signed up to be on the waiting list about two months ago, but never went through with the purchase (they were charging $15 for shipping even though i could've just gone to pick it up!). i took it as my sign that i didn't want it that badly. i just got caught up in the hype, i guess.
  6. ^I thought they weren't coming out at Whole Foods until July 18th?

    Anyway-update-there is a rumor that Anya herself is going to be at the store opening at 10 am.
  7. **sigh** I want one and can't get one...
  8. I didn't realize that. they would be such a big deal here in the US as well. You would think for such a good cause, they would have produced more so that there wouldn't be this kind of frenzy.
  9. Sounds like the similar frenzy in Toronto. All bags sold out within a half hour. It looked like people had brought their entire families! Moms, Dads, grandparents, siblings, cousins, heck - any random person who'll line up for you!

    People were coming out with TONS of bags. Y'know those babies are going on eBay cuz why does a family of 5 need 25 INAPB bags?! There was also a pregnant lady and I mean hugely pregnant that had lined up real early with her husband! You'd think being pregnant - you wouldn't risk chaos happening in the crowd over a bag. I mean - what if she got accidentally hit or knocked down? To lose your baby over a $18CAD bag?!

    Anyhoo - I was just surprised, but at least it wasn't pure and utter mayhem like the Viktor & Rolf for H&M launch...
  10. Yep-sounds like what she has going on. She has one more hour until the store opens-she said the employees are there and she can see the bags.

    And, the employees have confirmed that Anya will be there to open the store at 11 am. Stepdaughter is very excited-LOL!
  11. I wanted one b/c it is a good cause, but the whole foods in my area is not getting them and we do not have an Anya store. Too bad they are going to end up on eBay!
  12. If they knew this bag would be so popular, why didn't they make millions so we could all buy them? It is highly sad that people are waiting on line for a $15 cotton bag! Puh-leeze. Can we have some common sense here!!! What is this really about? It is about supply and demand and "status." I say, hogwash. Sorry if you find me politically incorrect. If you want to help the environment...contribute money or reuse the plastic bags you already have. Or buy an L.L. Bean tote and use it to death. Same thing, probably better quality, and bigger too.

    Listen, I would love to own one. I think they're cool. But not to buy one like this...
  13. Sorry, but I think Holt Renfrew's policy of 10 bags for person is beyond ridiculous. I didn't line up and don't intend to...but I do want to complain to them about that.

    My friend's bf lined up for it today...and the first 35 ppl in line caused the whole shipment to sell out because they all bought 10 each.

    I totally agree with the above./ I was thinking of puchasing a bag but now...forget that.:p
  14. Honestly-yes, she is there to buy the bag because she likes it and Anya Hindmarch.

    But, no need to say it's stupid of her to line up for a $15 cotton bag!

    There are plenty of people who say the same thing about us. Why spend hundreds and thousands on a bag-just go to Target and buy a handbag to use-yet-you wouldn't want people to call you stupid or to tell you to use common sense. To each their own-ya know?
  15. i've noticed some of the bags are already on eBay now - amazing!