Lining of Uggs wearing away?

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  1. I got my black classic tall Uggs in November, and I've been wearing them almost every day since. I wore them last night, and I felt something rubbing against my right heel. I took them off when I got home and I had a blister on my heel, and I felt the inside of the boot, and it felt like the shearling wore down! I could feel the seam, but my left boot isn't like that at all, the shearling is still there. Is this normal? What do I do, can I go to a shoemaker and get it fixed?
  2. Can you replace the insole? I know Ugg sells replacement insoles, I'm just not sure if all styles can be changed. Maybe someone who knows more will chime in.
  3. Its not the insole, its the lining of the shaft towards the bottom, where the outside seams are.
  4. OHH, well in that case I'd take them back to the store I bought them at. If that doesn't work I'd call Ugg. Maybe they can exchange them. Especially if you just bought them.